A slab of delicious chocolate Dengo with pieces of fruits from our Atlantic Rainforest, so that you can crack it and taste pieces the size of your longing.

A crusty cocoa nut roasted and dipped in the tastiest Dengo chocolate and, lastly, covered with pure, dry powdered cocoa. Try to eat just one.

Every bonbon has a version of the Brazilian flavor: fruits and nuts grown in the Atlantic Rainforest, cachaça spirits, coffee, and caramel. Covered in a thin layer of chocolate, its fillings are an explosion of real flavor. All you have to do is pick your choice.

The Brazilian version that we created from the Italian recipe that harmonizes hazelnut, milk cream and milky chocolate. With a mixture of Dengo chocolates, the result is a creamy, soft, flavor-rich chocolate – finger-licking good.

Cocoa honey is consumed in large quantities by cocoa producers. It is extracted at the cocoa cracking time, and after processed it becomes an unique sweet beverage.

Roast nut chippings, perfect to enrich the flavor of your most special desserts and recipes.

The beers American Pilsen, Ale Forte and Porter harmonize coffee and cocoa notes to meld Brazilian flavors and highlight beer-loving palates.