We respect farmers

Believe: living from cocoa cultivation is hard! It requires lots of care and attention during whole process. What could be fairer than creating value and rewarding our farmers fairly?

How? By spreading and fostering high-quality agricultural practices and by paying more for high-quality cocoa and coffee beans.

We are made of inspiration

We create products with lots of pleasure and purpose. Our exclusive coffee experts and chocolate makers develop Brazilian mixtures that combine taste and health. Tryry it to understand!

We take care of Nature

There is only one way to cultivate cocoa and coffee: with consciousness. We depend on forest and Dengos that it provides.

Cabruca is a agroforesty system for cocoa trees cultivated inside Atlantic Rainforest.

Cabruca cocoa is a symbol of Bahia: it preserves Nature and it has tasteof a better world.

At Cabruca, cocoa develops in an environment that is extremely rich in nutrients, flavors, and aromas from Nature.

After being picked, refined and processed properly, our chocolate reflects Brazilian richness and personality.

Colheita do cacau
Fermentação do cacau

At Atlantic Rainforest, we follow all cocoa production phases, from harvesting to drying.

We create chocolates that value our origin. We spare no efforts to get the best cocoa of the world made in Brazil.

Torra do cacau
Refino do cacau