Believe: living from cocoa cultivation is hard! It requires lots of care and attention during whole process. What could be fairer than creating value and rewarding our farmers fairly?

How? By spreading and fostering high-quality agricultural practices and by paying more for high-quality cocoa and coffee beans.


A cocoafarmer once told us: "I'm a cocoa grower by passion" and this is exactly what we have been working to hear. Thanks to our clear purpose and consistent efforts more than 200 cocoafarmers are benefiting, having been presented with a new opportunity to regain confidence as an individual grower.

In addition to fair payment, we offer every farmer technical consultancy for best cultivation practices, which are increasingly motivated by the desire and expectation of returning Brazilian cocoa to its golden era.



  • We discover and invite small and medium farmers with a lot of talent and willing to have the best grains. We establish a direct, transparent and mutual trust relationship with our network. We are already more than 160 families united for a world with more dengo.

  • We follow the cultivation process to reach the best grains, almonds and fruits. We provide free technical consultancy to the dissemination of knowledge in harvesting, fermenting and drying quality cocoa beans.

  • Farmers receive more for the product they deliver. We pay a premium of up to 160% of the market value for cocoabeans of high quality.

  • With a prime raw material, we create chocolates, coffees and flavors from Brazil.

  • We sell our dengos and share part of the profits with the cocoafarmers and their families.